This is another one of my short stories - one more example of my writing. I hope you’ll enjoy it. It's taken from the book "Cut Flowers" published in ...View Details

#25 - Better Than a Dream

There are so many things we dream about - and in dreams we all are free.  We are as free as we can be and we have wings to fly wherever we want to go ...View Details

I've always tried to combine the classical orchestra with the songwriting I am looking for to a really high degree.  But I've always wanted an orchest...View Details

#23 - Border Patrol

After the feedback on #21 I am going to read another of my short stories to you. It has also been taken from the book "Cut Flowers" and bears the titl...View Details

#22 - A Pilgrim‘s Place

In today’s episode I am going to take you to a very special place that you’ll be able to paint yourself in mind even though you’ve never been there be...View Details

#21 - Paradise

Today’s episode is going to be a little different than the ones before. This one is about a short story which I am going to read to you in the minutes...View Details

Today I’ll get you hooked on a melody you are about to hear in an instant. Don’t you believe that? Then let’s see.Give it a try.This episode is about ...View Details

This episode’s title is a question. In the next 10 minutes I am going to tell you why that is. Let’s get started and right into this. Find further inf...View Details

In 2012 Markus published the album "Songs For Whoever" which is just a physical CD and not available on any online services.  This is the story behind...View Details

Episode 17 - Watershed

This is 'Watershed'. Title song of the new 2021 album.

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